Whether your dream home is new construction or an existing home, you will want to know what to look for as you begin your home search.  Think of features that are important to you and create a checklist to serve as your roadmap for buying a home.

Review the list below and find out how we will help you conduct a home search, negotiate, and close on a new home.

We will help you with the process of buying a home while representing your best interests throughout the purchase process.

Use the home buyer checklist below to prevent errors and to help stay on track:

  • Get pre-approved for a mortgage, look into credit report, FICO score, type of mortgage, shop for best rates, and programs. Determine your wants and needs: style of home, size, price, location
  • Compare the services of different agents and look for good personal chemistry
  • Check out the neighborhoods, schools, crime rate, traffic, zoning, and work commutes
  • Rely on our expertise and in-company resources.
  • Check the web for helpful information
  • Do your research and evaluate each property of interest
  • Visit or have your agent visit the town or city hall to learn of any zoning changes, liens, easements, or other restrictions.
  • Be informed and we will prepare your offer and apply our trained negotiating skills during the buying process
  • We will prepare a property value study or a comparative market analysis. Ask the seller if there are any other offers and ascertain his motivation for selling, deadlines, etc.
  • Hire a certified inspector to conduct a home inspection and any other specific inspections
  • To prevent surprises and disappointments after you move into your new home, use the inspection period written into your contract to fullest advantage by hiring a home inspector to thoroughly examine the home you want to buy.
  • Be aware of the final negotiating factors that may benefit you in the purchase of the home.
  • Use the inspection report to re-negotiate, if necessary.
  • To prevent surprises after the fact, your agent will schedule a walk-through of the property before the actual closing (usually an hour or two before). Together, you and your agent will re-examine the home to (1) see that requested repairs have been made, (2) to determine if there are any changes or new damage since the home inspection, and (3) see that all of the sellers belongings have been removed from the premises as agreed. Once your walk-through has been completed, you can sit at the closing table with less worry knowing that your home is ready and waiting for you.

You many find that you need to add some steps, based on your special situation, to create a customized home buying checklist for yourself. However, this should serve as a helpful guide as you start on the road to purchasing your dream home.

Buyer Advisory: http://www.aaronline.com/manage-risk/buyer-advisory-3/

Buyer Advisory